Leagues are Now Forming!!

Mockingbird Lanes is the place to be if you are seeking a fun or competitive environment.  We offer Mixed, Men's, Women's, Junior and Senior Leagues. If you're seeking a social outing with friends and/or family, a bowling league is the perfect fit.  Click on this link or call for our current availability.   


Corporate Parties

Teamwork_pic.JPGWhether your company employs 5, 25, or 200 people, Mockingbird Lanes is the perfect location for your company event! The Bird's Nest Lounge is a wonderful place to meet, greet, eat and enjoy a beverage. Bowling is a fun and relaxing way to spend time with your co-workers. It's a fantastic team-building experience! Department vs. Department, Management vs. Non-Management, Men vs. Women are just a few examples! We can provide regular bowling, 9-Pin no-tap (where 9 pins is a Strike!), Cosmic Bowling with our state of the art sound system... the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Contact us so we can customize your company party to your needs!    


32 Lanes with Automatic Scoring - Up to 6 Bowlers per lane
Cosmic Bowling (create a dance club-like atmosphere)
No-Tap Scoring
Tournament and Bracket Formats
Endless Possibilities

Bird's Nest Lounge

Complete assortment of mixed drinks, beer and soda
Multiple Big Screen TVs
Internet Jukebox
Billiard Table

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